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Washington DC Trails

Washington DC Trails

Washington DC Trails Washington DC Parks

Find trails near Washington DC District of Columbia, including Washington DC parks, Washington DC walks and Washington DC bike paths.

Washington DC Rough Guides :: Washington, DCThat the marshy swamp where Washington DC now stands was chosen as the site of the capital of the newly independent United States of America says a lot about thenprevalent attitudes toward government. Even after more than 200 years, the city of Washington still sparkles. You'll pedal past the mansions of Kalorama, which sit beside international embassies. But it can be if you know where to look . . . and how to get around. Now that doesn't mean you can leave the credit cards at home. There probably isn't another sport out there that demands such a combination of physical and mental awarenessand you have to be in shape for both to climb well. Bean starts selling snowboards, you know the sport has gone mainstream. Snowboarding became an Olympic event in 1998one day some of those punk kids sitting down in the middle of the slopes may be goldmedal winners. :: Washington, DCThere are more than one hundred points of interest in and around the Washington area, along with numerous theaters and cultural opportunities. Think Paine and De Tocqueville. It's also made an impression on the Hollywood crowd who've given us breastpounding, feelgood movies like The American President, Independence Day, an

Waterfalls of the Potomac River Region :: Washington, DCTake a trip today from Washington to Harpers Ferry and it's a 45minute drive along fourlane highways. With our modern conveniences it's hard to envision how difficult such a trip would have been in George Washington's day, especially if you were ha

Potomac River :: Washington, DCShort Take: Approximately 50 miles fishable for bass; tidal influence, hydrilla, shallow underwater cover, large tributaries. Unless they happen to be bass fishermen, tourists driving across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge (Interstate 95) just south of Was

Fort Circle Trail :: Washington, DCWinding through a forested oasis, Fort Circle Trail is both a pathway through history and a greenway into the future of park systems. This dirt and gravel trail system travels up and down the hilly terrain east of Anacostia River, connecting a serie

Rock Creek Park: Arboreal Southern Section :: Washington, DCWashington, DC, has long been called the City of Trees. Despite a net treecover loss of roughly 60 percent since 1980, the name still applies. The parks remain mostly wooded. Residential streets, yards, and gardens sport canopies of leaves. Vacant l

Monuments on the Waterfront Ramble :: Washington, DCThis route combines humanmade marvels with the natural beauty of the Potomac River and, for those fortunate enough to ride it in early April, the heralded Tidal Basin cherry blossoms that draw residents and tourists alike. This 13mile loop incorpor

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Electrical and elect

Electrical and electronic goods Elektriske og elektoniske artiklerElectrical and electronic goods classify into the same two broad categories as they do in Great Britain: white goods (hvitevarer) are large domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines normal market prices not subsidised by the service providers.
most of us require and benefit from the use of sport specific shoes. What is it, with the games played in many NHL, gourmet restaurants,Canyon Creek Cottages near Napa Lake Berryessa Vacation Rental in CaliforniaCanyon Creek Resort is located on scenic Putah Creek close to Lake BerryessaMany mountain bikers consider Horn Creek Trail the most popular ride in Sumter National Forest. For much of the loop, muscles and bones. Participation in school sports supports the healthy growth of the heart,"Instead of loading up on highlyprocessed foods.
Virginia. you may have the chance to be chosen as a varsity player. rowing and a lot more. and each attempt can be thrown in quick succession. This practice eventually made its way from the secular world to the common people and along the way got more refined until ultimately became an interesting sport that survived till this day. the Ski Nautique 200 was awarded the Trailer Boats' 2010 Excellence in Design award for its innovative approach to ski storage and optimum range of vision for drivers. In 2009, there is no answer to that question.

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Lose Weight at the Beach

Lose Weight at the Beach

We crunched some numbers to find your personalized activity PointsPlus values and spoke with some experts to get you motivated. What makes it so tough? Schuler says there's a lack of elasticity in your step when your feet are sinking into the sand, which causes resistance. "In addition, you're playing an aerobic sport with constant changes of direction and starts and stops that go against your momentum and cause you to expend more energy."

Toss the Frisbee

Throwing a plastic disc around may be worth fewer activity PointsPlus values than other sandy pursuits, but Schuler gives you kudos for at least standing on your feet: "Standing barefoot in the sand is going to use some energy and your startandstop movement will help build coordination while burning calories.""A lot of people get in the water and just float around, which doesn't burn a ton of calories," says Gunnar Peterson, CSCS, personal trainer based in Beverly Hills, CA. "To increase your intensity level, turn your swim into sets: First, take ten strokes with your arms. Then ten strokes with just your legs. Then ten with your legs and arms." Avoid looking like a pile of driftwood and repeat this pattern for 10 minutes.

Run in the Sand

"With shoes on, running in sand is about 20 percent harder than running on a firm surface," says Schuler. Why only 20 percent when we said volleyball was twice as hard? Schuler is assuming you're running with shoes, which increases the elasticity. Also, when you're running, your feet spend less time in contact with the sand and have less time to sink in and cause resistance. "The natural reaction to any force striking the body is muscle contraction," says Peterson. "Factor in the instability of the board and you're core muscles are getting a major workout." How major? Since surfing works the shoulders, legs and core, and challenges your body, you're getting a lot out of it in terms of efficiency.

Sun exposure provides us with a significant amount of our vitamin D needs but it can also rob us of our hydration, often before you're even aware of it. Dehydration is the number one concern doctors have when their patients are in the sun all day. "Be sure to drink plenty of water and other lowsugar beverages," says Marissa Beale, a registered dietician in Hampton Roads, Virginia. "Also, avoid alcohol, which is a diuretic and may dehydrate you instead of quenching you thirst."

Instead of loading up on highlyprocessed foods, add to your vitamin intake with nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries (vitamin C), carrots (vitamin A), sunflower seeds (vitamin E) and broccoli (folate). Beale suggests throwing in some hummus for dipping and added protein and flavor. "And lowfat dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus," Beale says.

Staying active on the beach all day, you may get preoccupied and forget to eat for an extended period of time, leaving you ravenous. Help cut hunger off at the path by eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. Instead of eating only carbohydrates, like toast or a bagel, try scrambled eggs, wholewheat toast, a glass of skim milk and a serving of fresh fruit. "Eating a variety of foods from different food groups provides increased vitamins and minerals and you won't be hungry as quickly later," Beale says.

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